Who's Loving You-Jackson Five

I'd like to talk to y'all tonight About the blues Brothers:The blues? Yea the blues Dont nobody have the blues like i have I may be young but i know what its all about  And this is how it went down I met a girl at school one day during in the sandbox Older Brothers:sandbox?! We toasted our love during milk break older Brothers:aw man I gave her my COOKIES! Marlon:Come on Mike! We fell out during singin' plan So one day, I stepped up to her and i said  Wheeeeeeen I had you (had you) I treated you baaaaaaad and wrong my dear And girl since, since you went away  (chorus) Don't you know I sit around With my head hanging down And I wonder who's lovin' you  I,I,I,I should have never, ever ever made you cry And and girl since yer since you been gone  (chorus)  (bridge) Life with out love, huh... It's oh so lonely I don't think, I don't think! I'm gonna make it  All my life, all my life baby yeah I've been lost to you only Come on & take it girl Come on & take it, because.... All, all I can do, all I can do since you've been gone is cry And don't you ever wonder or worry your head of what i do  (chorus )  (vocalizes) who's loving you Older brother singing in backgrond:who's loving you I,I,I gotta know yea I,I,I,I,I wonder Older brother singing in backgrond:who's loving you who loving you,come on baby ohhh oh yea baby who's loving you  oh! oh! oh! OH YEA
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